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Fergus Linskey
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer for Levo Health, Fergus has the privilege of leading a smart and talented group of seasoned healthcare marketing and consulting professionals from a variety of disciplines. A creative problem solver and strategic thinker, Fergus has over 20 years of experience in the field, with most of his time spent in Integrated Marketing Communications, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, and User Experience Design.

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David M. Williams
Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner

David M. Williams, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner of Levo Health, is responsible for founding and creating the strategic function at Levo Health while also overseeing all brand, digital, media, internal and external partnerships, initiatives, corporate development, growth, and acquisition efforts for the agency. David is one of the co-founders of Levo Health and has been a pivotal part of the significant growth in the agency’s revenue, capabilities, scale, and client relationships.

David also oversees all business operations of the agency—from maintaining key accounts to overseeing departments that can scale and adapt to growth, while still providing a boutique agency culture that delivers imaginative ideas.

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Heath Friar
Chief Marketing Officer

Heath Friar, Chief Marketing Officer with Levo Health, is tasked with managing and implementing all creative marketing efforts for the company and its clients. He is also responsible for bringing Levo Health’s client stories to life by managing a team of skilled videographers, editors, and motion graphics animators.

As a healthcare marketing professional with over fifteen years of industry experience, Heath brings a vast knowledge of branding, multimedia specialties, and interactive marketing strategies to Levo Health clients with a creative edge that sets his clients apart from the competition.

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🇺🇸 In honor of Memorial Day, our office will be closed as we take a moment to remember and honor those who sacrificed for our freedom.

#MemorialDay #HonorAndRemember

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🎉 We`re thrilled to welcome Jeff to our team as the new Digital Media Director! With his innovative vision and extensive expertise, Jeff is ready to lead our digital media strategies to new heights. Please join us in welcoming him to our dynamic team—we`re eager to witness the lasting impact he`ll create.

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🍪☕ Fridays are pretty sweet at Levo Health! Nothing beats wrapping up the week with a mug full of coffee and a homemade macaron from one of our talented team members. Cheers to the small things that make our office a great place to be!

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🚀 Exciting News! Levo Health is proud to sponsor the 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator by @TampaBayWave, a 90-day program that equips high-potential startups with the crucial tools they need to scale and make their mark in the competitive health tech landscape.

Click the link in our bio to learn more about the impact of this initiative, our role, and how to apply.

#HealthTech #TampaBay #HealthCareMarketing

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🎉 Warmest welcome to Anna, our newest Account Manager! With her exceptional client management skills and strategic thinking, Anna is poised to foster strong relationships and drive success for our clients. Excited to have you on board, Anna. Here’s to achieving great things together at Levo Health! 👩‍💻
#LevoHealthTeam #AccountManager #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎥 Dive into the Best Practices for Healthcare Video Advertising! As healthcare providers, creating impactful video ads requires more than just good content—it`s about connecting authentically, respecting privacy, and being accessible. Here`s what you need to know:

🌟 Prioritize Patient Privacy: Compliance and consent are key. Ensure testimonials and patient info are used ethically.
🌟 Keep It Authentic: Real stories and genuine testimonials resonate. Show the heart of your practice.
🌟 Educate With Empathy: Tackle health topics with care. Your content should inform and comfort.
🌟 Optimize for Mobile: With over 55% of web traffic on mobile, your videos must be mobile-friendly.
🌟 End With a Strong CTA: Guide your audience on what to do next. Convert viewers into patients.

Ready to transform your video advertising strategy? For more insights and actionable tips, head over to our link in bio and start making videos that not only inform but inspire.
#HealthcareVideoMarketing #VideoBestPractices #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎉 Help us welcome Caitlyn, our new Social Media Intern! Caitlyn`s creativity and passion for social engagement make her a perfect fit for our team. We look forward to your innovative ideas and the energy you bring. Welcome to the Levo Health team, Caitlyn! 💫
#LevoHealthTeam #SocialMediaIntern #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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In the sea of HCP marketing, it`s crucial to stand out! Healthcare professionals are overwhelmed with messages, making it a challenge to capture their attention. But don`t worry, we`ve got the strategies you need to break through the clutter. 🚀

From understanding the unique needs of your HCP audience to crafting compelling, educational content and optimizing digital channels, our latest blog dives deep into how you can make a meaningful impact. Plus, learn how to leverage data for personalized communication that truly resonates. 📈

Ready to elevate your HCP marketing strategy and edge out the competition? Check out our blog for actionable insights, and reach out to our team for expert marketing support. We`re here to help you make a difference. Explore our blog using the link in bio!

#HCPMarketing #MarketingSupport #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎉 Introducing Hugo, our new Creative Director! With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Hugo is here to lead our creative endeavors and inspire excellence. Welcome to the team, Hugo. Here`s to creating inspiring work together! 🎨
#LevoHealthTeam #CreativeDirector #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎯 Revolutionize your healthcare marketing strategy with Precision-based Targeting! Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches. Today, it`s all about delivering personalized, impactful messages to specific patient groups and HCPs. 📊✨

By harnessing the power of advanced data analytics, we can now connect with audiences in a way that truly resonates, ensuring higher engagement and better outcomes. Want to see how this works in action and learn how to implement it? Dive into our latest blog for more insights and practical examples.
🔗 Read more using the link in bio!
#HealthcareMarketingStrategy #PrecisionBasedTargetMarketing #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎉 Say hello to Emily, joining us as a Social Media Intern! Emily brings fresh ideas and a go-getter attitude to our social media team. We`re thrilled to have you, Emily, and can`t wait to see your creative contributions. Welcome to Levo Health! 🌟
#LevoHealthTeam #SocialMediaIntern #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎉 Welcoming Vlada, our enthusiastic Digital Marketing Intern! Vlada`s fresh perspective and eagerness to learn are just what we need to inject some innovative ideas into our projects. Excited to see your growth with us, Vlada! Welcome aboard! ✨
#LevoHealthTeam #DigitalMarketingIntern #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎥 Why is video advertising essential for healthcare providers? 🏥 It goes beyond trends – it`s about making real connections and educating your audience effectively. From humanizing your practice to increasing brand awareness, video content is changing the game. 🌟
Want to dive deeper into the world of video advertising in healthcare? Check out our latest blog to learn more using the link in bio and start transforming your approach today!
#HealthcareMarketing #VideoAdvertising #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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🎉 Meet Victoria, our new Social Media Manager! With a knack for crafting engaging content and a strategic mindset, Victoria is set to elevate our social media presence to new heights. Welcome to the Levo Health team, Victoria! Let`s make waves together. 🚀
#LevoHealthTeam #SocialMediaManager #AgencyLife #HealthcareMarketingAgency

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our office will be closed on Monday, January 15th. We will resume our regular hours on Tuesday, January 16th. Thank you for your understanding and support. ...

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🍂🥧 Levo Health’s Thanksgiving potluck last week provided a moment for us to reflect on what we’re truly grateful for: a team that constantly pushes the boundaries and clients who inspire us to do so.

Here`s to innovation, collaboration and the spirit of Thanksgiving. Cheers from everyone at Levo! 🍁

#Thanksgiving #TeamAppreciation #Gratitude #Potluck

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🌟 We`re Hiring a Social Media Manager! Are you someone with 3+ years of experience managing diverse social media campaigns? Do you thrive in an energetic, fast-paced environment? Do you have agency experience? You could be the perfect candidate to join Levo Health`s dynamic digital marketing team.

Explore the opportunity and apply by clicking the link in our bio.

#SocialMediaManager #NowHiring #TampaJobs #Marketing

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🎥 Explainer videos are changing the game in healthcare! Did you know visuals can enhance learning by 400%? Plus, 83% of people would rather watch than read. That means transforming complex medical info into engaging visuals isn’t just the future — it’s now.

Not sure where to start? Partner with Levo Health, and let’s simplify healthcare together! #videomarketing #healthcare #video #medicalmarketing

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