Healthcare Social Media Management

Better outcomes for patients. Better outcomes for our clients.

Social media has changed the way healthcare brands and prospective patients communicate. Levo Health engages past, current and potential patients through meaningful and relevant content to encourage discussions, drive endorsements and build credibility through social media channels.

Levo Health’s social media management program will increase your healthcare brand’s online presence. Levo Health’s social media management program helps establish trust and relationships with potential patients. Levo Health’s social media management services increase awareness, and website traffic and drive quality lead generation. A strong social media presence signals to potential patients that your company is healthy and interested in engaging with them through reactive and proactive stories, posts, and images/videos.

Our Healthcare Social Media Management Process will focus on some of the following areas:

  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Social Media Reputation Management
  • Content creation curated by topics or growth objectives

Our digital engagement team is brainstorming new ways to approach direct-to-patient, marketing, and advertising each day. Our main objective is to provide patients and their families with relevant health information– so they’ll make more informed healthcare decisions.

Facebook Management

Facebook has enabled marketers to precisely target curated audiences by interests, ethnicities, spending habits, gender/age, hobbies, travel habits, etc. Levo Health’s content team creates engaging proactive and reactive content. If social media advertising is part of your marketing strategy, we’ll design engaging, call-centric graphics to drive engagement, page likes, event RSVPs, or website traffic. Depending on the type of healthcare vertical your brand wants to focus on, our team will create and post content 3-5 times weekly. If potential patient comments on a post or through direct message, one of our staff members will respond within a few minutes to 24 business hours.

Twitter Management

For social media channels that hashtags can aggregate, Levo Health has created a social listening platform that helps generate targeted followers, increases engagement, and allows our healthcare clients to build new relationships with potential patients.

Instagram Management

Instagram has quickly become a valuable resource for healthcare marketers. Instagram allows our healthcare clients to tell their brand’s story through curated images personally. Our team will routinely source images from onsite trips, provider and staff day-in-the-life images, and high-quality stock images. As part of these services, our team will research the correct hashtag mix to ensure discovery, drive engagement and gain followers.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, & More

Levo Health manages more than our healthcare clients’ top 5 social media platforms. As part of our social media management program, we also manage review websites like Yelp, Google+, Facebook reviews, Zocdoc, HealthGrades, and others to ensure the best and most relevant reviews are on the top.

As a Premiere Google Partner, Levo Health is in the top 3% of all advertising agencies running ads through the Google Ads Platform. Levo Health is held to higher standards than other healthcare marketing agencies. Levo Health provides Healthcare Companies, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Medical Practices, and Doctors with data-driven healthcare marketing, sales, and operations.

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