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Levo Health has been a trusted partner to healthcare organizations for over a decade, providing expertise across a broad range of healthcare models and verticals. Our team of experienced healthcare consultants has completed hundreds of engagements, working collaboratively with clients to improve operations, reduce costs, and drive better patient outcomes.

Our healthcare operations consulting services encompass a wide variety of areas, including:

  1. Performance improvement: Levo Health works with healthcare organizations to assess and optimize their operations, identifying areas where performance can be improved and developing strategies to achieve measurable, scalable results.
  2. Supply chain management: Levo Health has extensive experience working with our partners to help optimize supply chain processes, including inventory management, procurement, and distribution.
  3. Revenue cycle management: Levo Health helps healthcare organizations find solutions to streamline their revenue cycle processes, including coding and billing, accounts receivable management, and denial management.
  4. Process optimization: Levo Health’s team works with healthcare organizations to identify and optimize key processes, including patient flow, clinical documentation, and care coordination.
  5. Technology strategy and implementation: Levo Health’s technical team guides technology strategy and implementation, and helps healthcare organizations leverage technology to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes. These include EHR, PM, RCM, Marketing, Database creation, and patient outcome-tracking technology. Levo Health’s team is platform agnostic and has worked with hundreds of organizations to select the right tech stack for their unique needs.
  6. Organizational design and governance: Levo Health’s executive and legal team helps healthcare organizations design and implement governance structures that support their strategic objectives, including board and committee structures, policies and procedures, and compliance programs.
  7. Strategic planning: Levo Health’s strategy team collaborates with healthcare organizations to develop plans that align with their mission, vision, and goals. These functionals also overlap with our copy and creative teams to ensure brands are aligned with strategic goals.
  8. Change management: Levo Health helps healthcare organizations navigate complex organizational changes, including mergers, acquisitions, and other significant transformations.

Levo Health’s operational healthcare consulting services deliver revenue improvement, expense reduction, and clinical optimization solutions using tested methodologies and best business practices. Working collaboratively with clients, Levo Health’s diverse team of seasoned healthcare consultants delivers in-depth analysis and proven operational strategies that drive significant financial and operational improvements for near- and long-term growth.

Operational Healthcare Consulting Services Include:

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