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Telemedicine, TeleHealth, Remote Care? Whatever you call it, it’s here to stay!

With disparate regulations and a lack of clear reimbursement guidelines across all 50 states, providers and health systems have been slow to adopt Telemedicine into their care plans.

However, with 285 Million Americans staying at home due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and removal of regulatory burdens across states, the demand for telehealth services is higher than ever. Patients are learning they can get crucial care when needed – from the comfort of home.

Advantages of Implementing Telemedicine In Your Care Delivery Model

Lower Healthcare Costs

By offering remote care, you help eliminate unnecessary, non-urgent ER visits and transportation expenses for standard checkups. Offering telehealth services also helps reduce the number of no-shows in your practice as patients can receive care at a time and place that works for them.  

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Telehealth services increase patient engagement and satisfaction as they are able to commit to their healthcare goals on their time. By eliminating the time patients waste driving to and from your office and waiting in waiting rooms, you show them that their time matters. Virtual visits allow for truly patient-centered care with timely appointments and quick consultations that result in treatment options within minutes. 

Telemedicine During COVID-19

Beginning to incorporate telemedicine during a time of global pandemic can prove beneficial for your practice. For one, patients are staying home, avoiding going outside whenever possible. For your practice to flourish, you need to meet the needs of your patients.  Offering telemedicine ensures that your patients stay loyal. Additionally, your willingness to adapt to change may gain you a bigger following as other practices close their doors.

LEVO Health’s Telemedicine Expertise

LEVO Health’s Telehealth Activation Team has experience in successfully integrating telemedicine in a variety of medical organizations ranging from small practices to large health systems. We have streamlined solutions to activate new and existing patients and encourage ongoing adoption of telemedicine within your organization across a range of treatment areas and care models. 

Telemedicine Platforms

There is no one-size-fits-all telemedicine platform for our clients. Each specialty will require different technological features including video chat, ePrescribe, built-in billing, and simple integration with your EHR. Our Telehealth Activation Team works with all types of telemedicine platforms, however, we have a hand-selected a range of the best platforms to help you determine the best fit for your practice.

Serviceline Expertise

Telehealth services can be implemented in most practices regardless of their specialty. The LEVO Health team has activated telehealth solutions in a wide variety of practices including orthopedics, ENTs, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, concierges, physical therapists, dermatologists, primary care physicians, and pediatrics. With the right technical training and equipment, most medical specialties can streamline their services through telehealth. 

New Telemedicine Patient Acquisition

Getting new and existing patients to engage in your telemedicine solution is key to successfully implementing your service. LEVO Health utilizes data-driven healthcare marketing solutions to get patients engaged and interested in your practice. We work by targeting the right patients at the right time and providing them with the information they need to make confident healthcare decisions, benefiting your organization. 


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