Google Streamlines Telehealth Implementation for Physicians

If you’re not offering telehealth already, it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon. Telehealth is taking off in the COVID-19 era as relaxed regulations make remote care even more accessible. As patients continue to practice safe social distancing, the demand for telehealth has never been higher. 

Recognizing the monumental influence telehealth is having on the healthcare community, Google has launched a tool to help physicians streamline their telehealth implementation. This tool helps physicians clearly market their virtual care offerings on their business profiles, allowing patients to sign up for telehealth options directly.

Once set up, patients would be able to click a “get online care” option through their Google Search and automatically get connected to the provider’s virtual care website to  schedule their visit. Google’s tool also makes it easy for patients to find their provider’s COVID-19 information page where they can view regular updates on policy and telemedicine services. 

Utilizing this Google tool is a fast and efficient way to increase a practice’s telehealth awareness and utilization.

Here is how to get started: 

Step 1: Access Google My Business. Make sure that your account is listed as a “Healthcare Provider.” If you need to change it, you can do so in the Information tab.

Step 2: Once you are listed as a healthcare provider, you will see fields called “Virtual Care Link” and “COVID-19 info link.”

Step 3: Enter the appropriate URLs from your website into those fields.

Step 4: The “get online care” link will now appear on Google Search and Google Maps results for your practice. 

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