Patient Live Chat Engagement

LEVO Health leverages instantaneous digital communications in order to better engage with potential patients. Our Patient Live Chat Engagement program integrates with CRM software to provide patient engagement professionals with comprehensive patient profiles in order to gauge each patient’s level of interest.

Industries like retail and hospitality were some of the first sectors to embrace the power of live chat. These early adopters saw the value in leveraging and shaping the consumer buying experience by providing the consumer with an immediate customer service representative. The healthcare industry as a whole is usually the last to adapt to new technology, and live chat is no exception.

Why is Live Chat Important?

Live chat allows for businesses to manage and shape their relationships with its customers. Customers engaged through live chat are three times more likely to return to your website than a user who wasn’t engaged. Many live chat software captures key demographic information i.e. referring websites, time on website, page views, city, and what products or services they are looking at on each website. This information can be used to better optimize any current and future marketing/advertising campaigns to ensure the correct audience is reached.

LEVO Health understands the importance of integrating live chat within our own brand and into the brands of our clients. Potential patients who engage via live chat are seven times more likely to convert than a regular web visitor. Great customer experience leads to an increase in retention, referrals and loyalty. With health insurance premiums at an all-time high, patients are more likely to shop around. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your patient care.

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