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What are Physician Spotlight Videos?

Physician Spotlight Videos help humanize the relationship between physician and patient. Levo Health’s video production team creates high-quality physician spotlight videos for facility or physician marketing campaigns.  Our team integrates with your current team and can work directly with the physicians or your marketing department. Levo Health’s video production team travels to your facility, where we’ll film your physicians over a couple of days.

When we return from the trip, we’ll edit your physician spotlight videos and deliver video proofs to ensure your brand voice is consistent with previous marketing videos. Upon approval, Levo Health will assist your team and syndicating these videos across social media, blogs, and other digital channels.

Our team can create patient engagement campaigns centered around these personalized physician spotlight videos depending on the scope and budget. These campaigns can incorporate online and offline channels like PPC, TV, Outdoor Display, Radio, and traditional print.

What are the Benefits of Physician Spotlight Videos?

  • Physician videos humanize the physician and allow patients to virtually meet their physician before their appointment.
  • Creating these videos allows physicians to feel that their voices are heard, regardless of the practice size.
  • Well-produced videos provide a significant lift in website traffic when syndicated properly.

Data Driven. Results Oriented.

Levo Health is data-driven. Each campaign, video, or advertisement we create can be measured. Our catchment system allows us to measure the effectiveness of campaigns to understand who the viewers are, what they are interested and most importantly, if, when, and why they’re converting into new patients.

Next Steps

Levo Health’s video production crew works with your team to determine the types of physician spotlight videos you want us to focus on. During an introductory meeting, we’ll discuss the volume, reimbursement, and efficaciousness of the procedures, topics, or programs you would like our team to focus on during the spotlight videos. The process is simple. Set the topics, schedule the physicians, film, edit, and syndicate.

If you want to learn more about physician testimonial videos or how to integrate them within your medical practice, please call 855-234-0232.

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