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LEVO Health Video Production Internship

Procedure specific marketing videos are used to help simplify complex medical procedures so that patients can more easily understand the benefits, the process, and the recovery. By incorporating motion graphics, digital animations, and surgeons explaining the specific procedures practices are able to build a library of patient information videos that prospective patients can view 24 hours a day.

During our site visits, LEVO Health films between 15- 25 procedure specific marketing videos depending on the allotted time and filming schedule. These videos are taken back to our offices and are edited and syndicated on the client’s website, social media channels, direct to patient marketing campaigns, marketing automation campaigns over the duration of our engagement. By consistently adding relevant content, our clients are able to have more robust and page content and more informed patients.

Data Driven. Results Oriented.

LEVO Health is data-driven. Each campaign, video or advertisement we create is able to be measured. Our catchment system allows to more accurately measure the effectiveness of campaigns in order to understand who the viewers are, what they are interested and most importantly if, when and why they are converting into new patients.

Check out the following videos below to see some examples of patient testimonial videos created by LEVO Health.

Examples of Procedure Specific Marketing Videos

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