Motion Graphic Videos

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What are Motion Graphic Videos?

Capture your past, current and future patients within a second with high impact motion graphic videos. Healthcare consumers have short attention spans and studies have shown that only 10% of what is heard gets remembered. According to the same study, when a consumer is exposed to both audio and visual their retention is increased by up to 65%.

These types of videos are used to help physicians, medical groups and hospitals visualize a complex story or an idea in a format that is easily understood by a wide range of potential patients. LEVO Health’s video production team will make ordinary healthcare videos grab the attention of your target audience in order to maximize your hospital or medical practice’s direct to patient marketing.

LEVO Health’s motion graphics animators create stories that can be used for patient education, community outreach or even to explain a new process or business rule for colleagues or internal staff. Our team works in concert with your internal team to better understand where your organization could benefit from generating these types of explainer videos.


Check out the following videos below to see some examples of Motion Graphic Videos created by LEVO Health.

Examples of Motion Graphic Videos

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