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LEVO Health creates conversion–friendly websites and landing pages that increase engagement and lower cost per patient acquisition.

Responsive Design isn’t new to the digital world – in fact, since being recommended by Google as the best strategy for mobile-optimized websites in 2012, it has become the gold standard of web design. However, in line with digital trends in the past, the healthcare industry is one of the last to be seeing this shift in adapting responsive design techniques to their websites.

Healthcare organizations, independent practices, and hospitals can be hesitant to redesign their websites to be responsive, as it can be a costly investment, with most just recently establishing their web presence within the past 5-10 years. With the rise in mobile users utilizing their smartphones, tablets, and other media devices to access healthcare information, search for providers, and read hospital reviews, responsive design and mobile access is extremely important in the changing landscape of healthcare marketing.

Our Responsive Healthcare Web Design Process will focus on some of the following areas:

  • Website and Landing Page Development
  • Content Management System (CMS) Integration
  • Marketing Automation and CRM Software Integrations
  • Responsive Tablet and Mobile Design
  • Usability Testing & Browser Testing
  • Multi-Variant / A/B Testing
  • 508 Compliance Integration

Whether you’re looking to build a new custom website for your medical practice or hospital or would like to update your current website our team of web design and web development experts are here to help.

As Google Partners, LEVO Health is held to higher standards than other healthcare marketing agencies. LEVO Health provides Healthcare Companies, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Medical Practices and Doctors with data-driven healthcare marketing, sales and operations.

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