Healthcare Transformations During COVID-19

Businesses across the nation are transforming to accommodate the newly implemented rules of social distancing. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, some healthcare practices have shut their doors to in-person care. This global crisis will undoubtedly shape the future of our nation’s healthcare system as evidence already suggests. 

Healthcare Transformations Underway

National reactions to COVID-19 are causing long-term changes to the healthcare industry. These changes, whether implemented by the federal government or the population itself, include: 

Greater interoperability

Patients need to be able to take their healthcare information from one organization to another with ease. Access to one’s personal health records should be a basic right, and with new guidelines around the CARES Act, it will be. Sharing medical records has been an essential need during the COVID-19 pandemic as patients have flooded hospitals in search of care. 

As the virus continued to spread across the nation, the federal government continued to relax regulations regarding healthcare information sharing. This process ensured the best possible outcomes during the pandemic, allowing hospitals to share patient data, potentially saving lives. 

Increased patient role 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients are taking a more active role in their healthcare. With expanded access to telemedicine, patients are able to shop for physicians in ways they were previously unable. A practice’s ability to quickly adapt to telehealth can shape its future as patients increasingly seek care through virtual visits. 

Through a simple Google search, patients are able to seek out the very best care for their need, whether its primary care, physical therapy, orthopedics or dermatology. Physicians who take an active role in marketing their telehealth services online will have a “get online care” link next to their Google result, increasing the likelihood of converted leads.  

A switch to ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)

As patients avoid hospitals whenever possible, there is an increased reliance on ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) for elected procedures. As hospitals continue to host COVID-19 patients, those individuals seeking surgery will need a less hazardous location for their procedure. Hospital ICUs remain overrun with COVID-19 patients, leaving ASCs as the only open option for many operations. 

ASCs have proven prepared for the influx of new patients, and as they continue to deliver quality care, it is likely they will remain the location-of-choice for many surgical operations. 

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