Creating Powerful Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonials have always been a cornerstone of trust in the healthcare industry. In our digital age, these testimonials have evolved from written reviews to dynamic video content. Patient testimonial videos not only humanize the healthcare experience but also provide potential patients with relatable stories that can influence their healthcare decisions. But how do you create a compelling patient testimonial video that resonates with your audience? Let’s dive in.

Understanding Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonial videos are short clips where patients share their personal experiences, challenges, and outcomes related to a healthcare service or provider. These videos serve as authentic endorsements, showcasing the real-world impact of a healthcare provider’s services.

Why are They Important?

  • Build Trust: Real stories from real patients foster trust and credibility.
  • Influence Decisions: Prospective patients often seek out testimonials to validate their healthcare choices.
  • Humanize Healthcare: They put a face to the medical experience, making it more relatable.

Crafting a Compelling Patient Testimonial Video: Step-by-Step

1. Select the Right Patients

Choose patients who have had significant or transformative experiences with your services. They should be articulate, comfortable on camera, and genuinely willing to share their story.

2. Choose a Specific Topic to Cover

Rather than a general endorsement, focus on a specific treatment, procedure, or challenge. This narrows down the narrative and makes the testimonial more relatable to patients seeking information on that particular topic.

3. Storyboard the Overall Messaging

Plan the flow of the video. Begin with the patient’s initial challenges, delve into their journey, and conclude with the outcome and their endorsement. This narrative structure ensures the story is cohesive and engaging.

4. Shoot the Testimonial

Location: Choose a quiet, well-lit location that evokes comfort and trust. Whether it’s a cozy corner of your facility or a serene outdoor spot, ensure it complements the patient’s narrative without causing distractions.

Equipment:  Invest in high-quality cameras and microphones to ensure your visuals and audio are crisp and professional. Remember, a clear video not only looks professional but also emphasizes that you value the stories being shared.

Guidance: Authenticity is the heart of patient testimonials. While it’s essential for patients to share their genuine experiences, providing them with guiding questions can help maintain focus and coherence in their narrative. This balance ensures the story flows naturally while staying on message.

5. Edit the Video

Keep it Concise: Aim for a duration of 2-3 minutes to retain viewer attention. In some cases, the video may need to be even shorter, around 30-90 seconds, when posting to a platform like TikTok or Instagram Reels. Videos under 60 seconds tend to get the most engagement.

Incorporate B-Roll: B-roll footage, which includes supplementary shots of the facility, treatment procedures, or even snippets of daily life, can significantly enhance your video’s depth. These clips, interspersed with the main narrative, provide context and keep the viewer engaged.

Add Subtitles: People often watch videos on mute, making subtitles indispensable. Adding subtitles ensures your message reaches everyone, including those with hearing impairments, and caters to viewers who might prefer reading along.

6. Distribute the Video

  • Website: Feature the video prominently on your website, especially on service-specific pages.
  • Social Media: Share on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok to reach a broader audience.
  • Email Campaigns: Include the video links in newsletters or patient outreach emails.

Need Expert Help? Levo Health’s Got You Covered

Creating patient testimonial videos can be intricate and time-consuming. But with Levo Health’s award-winning video production team by your side, you can experience a seamless process from conception to distribution. Our experts understand the nuances of healthcare storytelling and are equipped to craft testimonial videos that resonate deeply with your audience. Ready to elevate your patient testimonials? Reach out to Levo Health today!


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