Why Great Branding Is More Important In Healthcare than Any Other Industry

Written By LEVO Health Staff | September 25, 2014

All organizations benefit from great branding, but it is more important in healthcare than any other industry. Why? Because the decisions we make concerning our health are the most personal and noteworthy. A brand’s primary job is to facilitate trust, and without that, these types of decisions cannot be made.

You’ll buy a bottle of water from someone you hardly know, but neurosurgery? I think not. You must trust your physician, whether you know them or not.

Here’s a formula that helps us make sense of how consumer relationships work. Brand Promise + Brand Experience = Relationship.

This also means that what consumers think of you before they know you is just as important as their experience with the service or product you provide them. Your brand is very important. Do it right.

All physicians are experts

There are pros and cons to being a trained physician. The pros are that people automatically recognize your expertise. The cons are that they recognize your competitions’ expertise, too. In other words, your abilities as a physician are assumed and do not differentiate you in the mind of the public—but your brand does.

This concept is called “price of entry.” Safety for airlines or clean kitchens for restaurants are other examples. That’s why airlines sell customer service and restaurants the dining room atmosphere.

What emotional intangibles do your customers value?

You have to sell to them before they make a purchase.

Nobody likes seeing the doctor, and few consider their healthcare choices until they need them. So, we as healthcare marketers are constantly selling to an audience who is not buying. Yet.

So why do we do this? Because consumers will need our services someday, and at that point the decision is already made. They will go with the best branded healthcare provider who they have known all along but never thought they would need.


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