Healthcare Personas and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing is a unique specialty that requires an understanding of the various industry personas and how they each interact with your digital marketing strategy. Healthcare personas embody real people who act as representatives for different patients within your target market. Personas allow you to understand what motivates your patient, their goals, frustrations, and desires. By catering your content specifically to these segments, you may be able to improve your conversion rates. 

Personas are a way to humanize your medical marketing strategy. They give you a better understanding of who your patients are and what they want from your practice. Personas make it simple to figure out your patient’s unique demands and desires. By implementing personas into your strategy, you’ll be able to see how various people use healthcare services and gather information for their specific medical needs. 

How to Create Your Patient Personas

Creating medical marketing personas can take time, but it’s well worth the effort. Here are some tips to get you started:

Surveying Your Current Patients

Surveying your current patients and customers will give you a good idea of who your typical patient is. You can ask them about their demographic information, medical needs, and preferences. By understanding your current patient base, you’ll be able to create more accurate personas.

Look for Patterns

Look for patterns in their behavior. What do they care about? What frustrates them? What are their goals? As you are building persona profiles, it’s important to remember that no two patients are exactly alike. However, there will likely be some similarities between different groups of patients. When working on your digital marketing strategy, be sure to take note of any overlaps you notice.

Talk to Your Team

Your team members will likely have a lot of valuable insights about who your patients are that you may not have considered. Ask them about their interactions with patients and what they’ve learned from them. This will help you to create more accurate personas.

Use Online Resources

Using online resources such as Google AdWords and Facebook Audience Insights to get more information about your target market is an excellent way to supplement your research. These tools allow you to target specific demographics and interests, giving you a better understanding of who your patients are.

Personas Should Not be Set in Stone

As your patients change and evolve, so should your personas. Be sure to revisit them often and make the necessary adjustments to align your marketing strategy with your patients’ needs.

Once you’ve gathered all this information, it’s time to start creating your personas. Each persona should have a name, age, job, income, marital status, and other demographic information. You should also include a description of their lifestyle, what motivates them, and the types of content they’re likely to respond to.

After you have your personas created, it’s important to keep them in mind as you create and execute your digital marketing strategy. Use the information from each persona to guide your decisions about what kind of content you should create, where it should be posted, and how often it should be published.

Digital Marketing Tips for Healthcare Personas

Now that you have a better understanding of who your patients are, here are a few specific digital marketing tips for healthcare personas:

Patients Motivated by Convenience

For patients motivated by convenience, post your content on social media and make it easy for them to share.  Also, provide links to your social media pages on your website and email campaigns. Having an easy way to book appointments online will also help this group of patients. Having a telehealth service within your practice may also be a big draw for this group.

Price-Sensitive Patients

For price-sensitive patients, offer discounts and special deals on your website and social media pages. In addition, consider offering a payment plan and financing options to help reduce initial costs.

Time-Pressed Patients

For time-pressed patients, create short videos or blog posts that summarize the key points of your content. Make it easy for them to find your contact information and book appointments online. Do not be late for your telehealth and in-office appointments because this may put time-pressed patients under unnecessary stress.

Financially Well-Off Patients

For financially well-off patients, offer high-value pieces of content that help them make better decisions about their healthcare needs. These patients enjoy luxury perks and respond well to being offered VIP services.

New Patients

For patients who are new to your practice, offer a free consultation to get to know them and their needs. You can also send them an email welcoming them to your practice and providing information about your services. If they are new to the area, offer them a tour of your office and show them all you have to offer.

Implementing healthcare personas into your digital strategy allows you to understand your target market at a deeper level. In addition, building and understanding personas can help create effective medical marketing campaigns that speak directly to the people you want as patients. 

Understanding how each persona uses different types of content and why they are motivated by specific factors can help you create an effective digital marketing strategy that works for your practice.

How Patient Personas Benefit Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By creating accurate and detailed patient personas, you may improve the following aspects of your digital marketing strategy:

Web Design

When it comes to website design, personas can help you create a more user-friendly experience by understanding how different types of patients interact with your website. They can also help you make more compelling calls to action and keep your patients engaged. 


Copywriting is another area where personas may be helpful. By understanding the motivations and concerns of each persona, you can write copy that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to take action. With readers only consuming about 20% of the content on any given page, it can be highly beneficial to use healthcare personas to create content that resonates with your patients to get the most out of your marketing efforts.


SEO is a critical digital marketing strategy for healthcare practices. By understanding the various personas, you can create optimized content that appeals to each patient. This may help your practice rank higher in google search results and other search engines. Unfortunately, 75% of internet users will not scroll past the first page of a search. That is why it is essential to utilize your brand personas to your advantage in your SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important digital marketing tool for healthcare providers. Personas allow you to market directly to specific groups based on their needs and interests, resulting in higher engagement rates. By using social media, you’ll be able to keep your current clientele engaged with your practice while also potentially reaching out to prospective patients. 

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to reach potential patients through digital channels. By understanding your personas, you can create ads that target specific audienes that are likely to result in more patient engagement

Digital marketing for healthcare providers is constantly evolving, and personas are becoming increasingly important. Understanding who your patients are and what motivates them allows you to create digital marketing campaigns that are more effective and impactful.

Healthcare Marketing at Levo Health

Diving deeper into healthcare personas may help you create more effective digital marketing campaigns for your practice. With the right strategy in place, you should see increased traffic to your website and higher conversion rates that result in a healthier bottom line.

Levo Health is a full-service healthcare marketing agency dedicated to helping your medical practice optimize its digital marketing strategy. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your practice stand out from the competition, Contact the healthcare marketing experts at Levo Health today by calling (813) 235-0830 or visiting our contact page. 


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