Multichannel Versus Omnichannel Healthcare Marketing Strategies

At a glance, multichannel and omnichannel appear to have similar meanings. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While multichannel is the most common healthcare marketing strategy, an omnichannel approach is considered the gold standard. This is because Omnichannel enables marketers to reach potential customers through the right channels at the right time to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Multichannel Engagement Explained

Multichannel healthcare marketing uses multiple channels to reach a target audience. This could include email, phone calls, direct mail, radio and television ads, social media campaigns, print materials, etc.

While multichannel engagement can be effective in reaching a large audience quickly and cheaply, it comes with some drawbacks:

There is No Integration

Sure, you can use multiple channels to get your message out, but without integration, you can’t be sure your audience is seeing consistent messaging across them. That means they could end up with a disjointed or even contradictory experience, hindering your marketing efforts.

Lack of Personalization

To reach the right people at the right time, you need to be able to tailor and customize your message, creating a natural, conversation-like experience. Without personalization, your target audience could get messages that don’t align with where they are in the buyer’s journey, ultimately leading to a low conversion rate.

Omnichannel Engagement Explained

Omnichannel engagement takes the multichannel approach to the next level. It also allows for more personalization and customization than multichannel engagement – enabling marketers to craft unique messages tailored specifically for each of their target audiences based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. Omnichannel marketing flows from one channel to the next, with each interaction seamlessly integrated across channels.

Some of the benefits of an omnichannel approach include:


Omnichannel strategies utilize consumer data to thoroughly understand each target audience, their pain points and their desires. This allows for a hyper-personalized experience that is more likely to benefit the bottom line.

Unified Messaging

Omnichannel marketing connects touchpoints to create consistent and unified messaging across channels, taking the audience on a smooth and conversation-like journey to the end goal.

An Omnichannel Approach to Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing teams implementing an omnichannel approach are more likely to realize higher ROI, as they can tailor messages and create relevant interactions with their target audience.

The key is using data to understand where your audience is in the buyer’s journey, so you can deliver the right content at the right time to spark the best decisions for your business.

Ultimately, an omnichannel approach:

Requires Fewer Touchpoints

As a strategy that enables marketers to understand the needs of their target audience faster, omnichannel marketing requires fewer touchpoints to reach the desired outcome.

Provides a Better User Experience

Engaging with potential customers through an omnichannel approach allows healthcare marketing teams to provide a better user experience. It creates an effortless flow of information and interaction between channels that is more likely to result in conversions.

Switching from Multichannel to Omnichannel

The switch from multichannel to omnichannel healthcare marketing is a process – but you don’t have to do it alone. Levo Health provides our clients with true omnichannel reach to their consumers. Real-world touchpoints comprise offline data and are deterministically linked with addressable online identifiers to provide a people-based, omnichannel marketing approach.

We have years of experience crafting dynamic omnichannel content for both direct-to-patient and direct-to-healthcare provider marketing strategies. By taking a data-driven approach, our experienced team of healthcare marketing professionals helps ensure you get the most out of every interaction with your target audience.

To learn more about switching from multichannel to omnichannel healthcare marketing, contact Levo Health today – and start engaging effectively with your customers across all channels.

Contact us today or call (813) 235-0830 to learn more about how an omnichannel approach can benefit your healthcare marketing efforts.



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