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Target Patients in the Later Stages of the Healthcare Decision Making Process

When a patient’s physician recommends surgical intervention to address a health concern, the patient inevitably has questions and begins researching things like the recovery time, the top surgeon, the cost and whether or not their insurance covers the procedure. During this research phase, there are many opportunities for providers to help shape the patient’s care decision.

The decision to commit to a surgical procedure can be lengthy. Targeting prospective surgical candidates in the later stages of their healthcare decision making process will deliver higher quality leads that are more motivated to schedule and thus have shorter acquisition cycles. These patients have done the research and are actively looking for the best surgeon, value and outcomes available.

Using traditional marketing media channels to target these “late stage” healthcare consumers simply won’t work. Reaching these patients requires an expert understanding of the highest converting online channels and key search terms to deliver hyper-targeted messages that deliver immediate solutions to their most pressing needs.

These campaigns are most effective when they combine paid search, conversion friendly landing pages and dynamic nurturing campaigns to identify the patient and follow them throughout their healthcare decision making process.

Did you know?
In 2012, approximately 97.5 million Americans (nearly one of three adults) used search engines, social media sites, health focused websites, and physician review websites to obtain information prior to calling a physician’s office.


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