7 Best Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

We live in a world where patients have more options than ever when it comes to medical attention. This healthcare revolution is why possessing the best marketing strategies will help your medical practice succeed. 

Healthcare marketing is a necessity for doctors, but it can be difficult to achieve when you are busy providing patient care on a daily basis. Your online presence is essential in healthcare marketing. With the right strategies and marketing team, your medical practice will not go unnoticed!

Here are the best marketing strategies for doctors and medical practices:

1. Build a website

The Internet has become the “front door” for healthcare providers. Most importantly, having a website builds credibility and trustworthiness. Many patients do research online before making an appointment, and by having your credentials, education and other necessary information on your website, you are bound to instill a sense of credibility and trust to potential patients.


2. Create a presence on social media

Social media has become an integral part of life. There are about 2.46 billion people on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Social media marketing offers the opportunity to educate your patients and the general public, which can potentially reel in new leads.


3. Begin a blog

Beginning a blog for your healthcare website is a great way to get more visitors and bring awareness to your healthcare practice. Through your blogs, you are able to show who you are as a healthcare provider and generate patient interest. Not to mention, having a blog on your site allows you to consistently generate SEO content that will drive visitors to the site while raising awareness about relevant issues in your field


4. Utilize PPC and create ads for Healthcare Marketing

As mentioned above, SEO is great for making your website more visible online. However, this is an organic marketing skill that can only take your business so far. By utilizing Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, you are able to appear on the top of the search result pages. PPC advertising is very effective if your campaign is correctly set up by a medical marketing expert.


5. Paid advertising on social media

Paid advertising through social media is a great way to reach the right people at the right time. When creating a paid ad on social media, you have the ability to target specific people who may be looking for your particular healthcare practice. Similar to PPC, paid advertising on social media involves strategizing and budgeting to target the specific audience you want. 


6. Urge for patient reviews

Patients usually only leave reviews when they are motivated to do so, usually from an above average or extremely poor experience. Reviews can definitely make or break your business. By having a well-designed patient feedback system, healthcare providers are able to improve their quality of care and increase patient engagement. 


7. Build a patient referral program

Building a patient referral program is essential for bringing in new patients to your practice. Patients who had an above average experience at your office are usually the ones who provide you with “free marketing” such as word-of-mouth marketing. Create a relationship with your current patients that will make them want to refer their friends and family!


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