Do Doctors Need Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a valuable and necessary tool that is becoming increasingly popular today. Not only does social media marketing allow you to reach audiences from every platform the Internet provides, it also offers opportunities to engage with your clients or potential clients on a personal level. 

What can social media do for a doctor like me?

  • Raise your medical practice awareness
  • Provide one-on-one engagement with your patients
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Improve your search engine visibility
  • Improve internal communication efficiency 
  • Generate leads
  • Build and boost your brand 
  • Build expert status and managing a reputation
  • And SO much more!

Through social media marketing, you are capable of building relationships with your audience over time through unique content you put on the Web. With social media tied in with your practice, you have the ability to entertain, educate, and empower your audience when you share valuable information through social media posts, blogs, videos, and more.

Creating unique and visible content that your patients want to see is important because not only does it build interest and reel your entire audience in, but also may answer any underlying questions your audience has about you or your practice. If the content is interesting and informative, you can attract new patients to your practice.

Through creating unique content that makes you stand out, you show your audience what makes you and your employees special. This makes it possible for individuals to make a personal connection with your business and for you to become a reliable resource to your audience.

Do I really need social media marketing?

Of course you do! Social media is where your target audience is. An estimated 88% of Americans have at least one social media account. Those on social media can range from people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses. With all platforms combined (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.), you have a bigger reach than all TV channels combined. Patients are using google to find the right healthcare professionals and social media can help with your search engine visibility. 

Facebook alone has about one billion users on their social media network every day, and by having a presence on Facebook, one can:

  • Optimize to showcase their work and location
  • Connect with other users
  • Conduct commercial activity
  • Purchase targeted advertising 
  • Install apps to extend the page functionality
  • Have multiple administrators (to answer questions or be a point of contact for your followers)
  • Provide statistics to see how well your page is doing.

Not only does social media allow you to reach a larger audience, but it creates trust and loyalty to those interested in what you have to offer. Word-of-mouth will be facilitated through social media marketing, which will also help you build a trusted reputation and credibility for your quality care as a doctor. Did I mention, this is an organic way of spreading information? That means FREE marketing by a patient that is triggered by an event the patient experienced at your office. The more you interact with your patients through social media, the more likely your name will spread via social media platforms and word-of-mouth.

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