Better Patient Engagement Through 4K Physician Videos

Engaging Patients Through Compelling Videos

As discussed in a previous blog post, Great Week of Medical Marketing Consults and 4K Digital Content Development in NYC, prospective patients now play a more active role in making their own healthcare choices. It is crucial that your current branding, website(s), mobile, social media presence and print collateral match the level of expertise displayed by physicians and staff.

LEVO Health’s creative team shoots all of our medical marketing videos and imagery in 4K resolution, which allows for the content to be used across multiple marketing channels. The following patient engagement medical marketing video is the first in a series of videos and interviews LEVO Health created for the leading medical concierge providers in Long Island, NY, HealthBridge Concierge. David G. Edelson, MD, FACP – Founder and Medical Director of HealthBridge discusses the difference between outdated health care systems and the HealthBridge Platinum Concierge advantages.


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