Great Week of Medical Marketing Consults and 4K Digital Content Development in NYC

Traditional physician listings on most physician or hospital websites are flat and boring. Most often, these traditional listings fail to differentiate and humanize the physicians enough to engage current and potential patients to schedule. Most physician headshots and bios used for medical marketing are anemic and look like they have been shot with an old flip phone. Today’s patients are savvy consumers, and directly relate their first impressions to the potential capacity for care.

There’s a better way to introduce and position physicians as thought leaders amongst their target patient base. LEVO Health does this by shooting high quality physician videos used to introduce the physician to their key demos and hold their attention long enough to learn about available care offerings.

Last week, our team put in some quality medical marketing consulting hours onsite with our NYC clients. Here’s a sneak peak at a series of videos we shot in 4K Digital for one of our Manhattan based clients, Totum Health. Click here to view Ear, Nose & Throat Physician and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dara Liotta, MD discuss Rhinoplasties.








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