LEVO Health Clients Featured in Forbes Article

Several LEVO Health clients were recently featured in the Forbes article Remote care is here to stay: How telehealth is bridging the gap across the care continuum, where author Jose Morey recognized companies for their dedication to delivering quality patient care via telehealth.

In his article, Morey explains how healthcare companies are rising to the occasion during a global pandemic, developing innovative remote care models that are changing the way healthcare is delivered. COVID-19 has transformed healthcare delivery, and many healthcare providers are jumping on board this innovative alternative to care. The future of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertain, but what is certain is that telehealth is here to stay.

Activate telehealth in your practice 

Telehealth is the next generation of healthcare delivery. As a healthcare provider, telehealth helps you meet the needs of your patients. As millions of Americans stay home to flatten the curve, adopting telehealth shows your willingness to adapt to change.

LEVO Health’s Telehealth Activation Team has experience in successfully integrating telemedicine in a variety of medical organizations ranging from small practices to large systems. Our solutions will help you adopt telemedicine within your organization across a range of treatment areas and care models.

Telemedicine Platforms: We will help you determine the best fit for your practice based on which technological features you would like to include in your telemedicine platform

Serviceline Expertise: With the right technical training and equipment, most medical specialties can streamline their services through telehealth. 

New Telemedicine Patient Acquisition: LEVO Health utilizes data-driven healthcare marketing solutions to target the right patients at the right time. 

Why add telehealth in your care delivery model?

Lower healthcare costs: Telehealth can lead to cost-savings for both patients and providers. Remote care can eliminate unnecessary, non-urgent ER visits and transportation expenses for standard checkups. Telehealth can also reduce the amount of unused capacity that goes to waste.

Increased patient satisfaction: There are far fewer barriers to prompt care delivery when offering remote care, which means patients can get on the path to recovery quicker. This leads to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction levels.

Activate telemedicine in your practice today by calling 855-234-0232 or visiting https://levohealth.com/contact-us.


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