Healthcare Branding: Where To Start

When it comes to leaving a positive, memorable impression on patients, branding is everything.  The rise in digital marketing has allowed healthcare marketers to transform how patients make decisions. This alone can revolutionize your practice by making you stand out across all platforms.

Getting Started With Healthcare Branding:


Brand positioning refers to the consumer’s perception of a brand or product in relation to competing brands or products. It is all about establishing the image or identity you want of your brand in your target audience’s mind. This helps differentiate your brand from your competitors. When it comes to healthcare branding, positioning your healthcare brand is one of the most fundamental strategic efforts you can make.

Your brand is what makes you unique and relates you to the patients you serve. Great branding leads to customer loyalty and facilitates trust and rapport with potential patients. Here are four reasons why brand positioning is so important:

Market differentiation: Brand positioning allows you to stand out from the crowd by articulating how your company, products, or services provide a unique proposition to deliver quality care to your audience.
Magnified messaging: Brand positioning amplifies your storytelling, copy, and messaging.
Justify pricing strategies: Brand positioning helps you justify your price point, establishing the high value of your product or service, even if it isn’t the cheapest on the market.
Easy decisions: Patients want easy decisions when it comes to healthcare. When you clearly define your service or product and how it can benefit your patients, you increase the likelihood for people to decide that you are the right provider for them.

Patients seek healthcare providers online all the time, but they choose the ones who are knowledgeable, credible, and stand out against all others. Your practice should make an everlasting and unique impression on prospective patients that sets your healthcare company apart from others.

Find your identity

Before launching your brand on your website and social media accounts, it is important to find your identity. A brand identity is the face of a brand. It consists of messaging, typography, colors, and logo. A unique brand identity catches the eyes of potential clients and makes a remarkable impression on existing clients.

The logo and colors your brand uses are instantly recognizable, which helps strengthen a company’s brand awareness. Statistics show that the colors in logo design are 85% of the reason why people choose a brand over another. For example, blue is the most popular color for medical logos because the color blue is typically associated with credibility, trust, knowledge, professionalism, and cleanliness.


When it comes to healthcare branding, content is key. Having captivating, engaging and valuable content can help answer your audience’s questions and also allow you to connect with your patients on another level.

Content marketing provides value because it is intended to stimulate interest to a clearly defined audience. For example, blogging is a fantastic opportunity to market your practice. Blog posts are a great way to share and relay information about the latest medical discoveries, answer frequently asked questions, and everything else your patients want to know about your services.

With the content you create, you can communicate your message and educate your followers across all digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Customer Experience

Ensuring a positive customer experience is essential. It is what helps build brand loyalty and affinity. Patients seek healthcare services when they are not feeling well and want their healthcare provider to care about their needs, situation, and overall well being. With every interaction, healthcare providers are given the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with patients whether that is online or in person.

To understand how your patients are feeling about your services, you need to evaluate the patient experience. This means engaging the patient early in the diagnosis, delivering the right information at the right time throughout their journey, and engaging in shared decision-making. This helps improve the patient experience and, simultaneously, satisfaction.

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