3 Ways to Introduce Direct to Patient Marketing to Your Practice

Written By David M. Williams | Chief Strategy Officer

Today’s consumers are bombarded with over 6,000 branding impressions per day; and 59% of these messages are of little relevance to the end viewer. The traditional method of casting a wide unfocused marketing net is expensive and inefficient. Direct to Patient Marketing identifies the needs of a specific target patient population, and tailors the value-building messages to address their individual needs. This allows for providers to reach the right audience with the right content at the right time.

Whether healthcare providers like it or not, patients are playing a larger role in making their own healthcare decisions. Websites such as WebMD, HealthLine, and Everyday Health have made it easier than ever for people to self-diagnose. Now, patients arrive at the physician’s office informed and armed with a list of possible diagnoses. In 2012, approximately 97.5 million Americans (nearly one of three adults) used search engines, social media sites, health focused websites, and physician review websites to obtain information prior to calling a physician’s office.

LEVO Health understands that today’s healthcare consumer expects to find answers and solutions to their problems no matter the time of day. EffectiveDirect to Patient Marketing works 24 hours a day by efficiently leveraging both online and offline marketing channels. LEVO Health’s Brand Experience Team use these actionable insights to craft brand systems that enable healthcare consumers to make better healthcare choices. LEVO Health’s Patient Acquisition Team utilizes marketing automation and advanced CRM software to generate inquiries, qualify interest, schedule appointments and identify opportunities for patient acquisition improvement.

LEVO Health recommends the following three channels for healthcare providers looking to engage in Direct to Patient Marketing:

Online: Serving relevant content across organic, paid, and social channels in order to educate, nurture, and compel patients to engage with your brand.

Offline: Strengthening your brand presence through syndicating cohesive targeted messages over television, radio, print, and outdoor channels.

Seminar: Leveraging your online and offline marketing efforts to introduce the community to your brand, and build the credibility of your providers through intimate seminars.

Direct to Patient Marketing is not the answer for every medical practice, as it requires the investment of time, resources, and money to effectively implement and operate. But for companies looking to grow their market presence by increasing patient census Direct-to-Consumer Marketing is the best option. LEVO Health currently manages the marketing, sales, and operations for multiple hospital systems, specialty physician groups, and early stage healthcare platforms.

David M. Williams

About David M. Williams

David M. Williams, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner of LEVO Health is responsible for leading the creation and execution of all internal and external partnerships, initiatives, corporate development, growth and acquisition efforts. David represents a wealth of expertise in healthcare mergers & acquisitions, business development, commercial real estate development, medical practice management, physician based sales, and is a contributor in multiple industry publications and regularly speaks at industry conferences.

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