Reactivating Patients: A Comprehensive Guide to Patient Engagement Strategies

Patient reactivation is not just about bringing back old patients — it’s about reestablishing trust and rekindling relationships. It’s also about strategic data analysis, proactive outreach, and persuasive retargeting. At Levo Health, we integrate innovative marketing strategies with healthcare expertise to revitalize these essential relationships to drive patient engagement.

The Power of EHR Analysis

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are goldmines of information. Analyzing them allows us to understand patients’ medical histories, identify those inactive for long periods, and tailor personalized reactivation strategies.

Identification Through EHR Analysis

Our first step in the reactivation process is identifying the right patients to target. We delve into your EHR, pinpointing patients who have been inactive for a set period or those who have missed scheduled follow-up appointments. This precise identification is the cornerstone of effective patient reactivation.

Classification of Patients

Once we’ve identified inactive patients, we categorize them based on several factors. These include their medical history, frequency of past visits, specific health conditions, and any other pertinent details found in the EHR. This classification is vital in creating personalized outreach strategies that resonate with each patient’s unique needs and circumstances.

Strategy Creation

Equipped with the identification and classification data, we formulate patient-specific reactivation strategies. Whether it’s crafting compelling messaging that addresses a patient’s specific health needs or scheduling convenient follow-up appointments, each strategy is designed with the individual patient in mind.

Streamlining Data Integrations

Smooth information flow between your system and ours is crucial for effective patient reactivation. We use HIPAA-compliant data integrations to streamline the flow of patient data, fostering efficient analysis and strategy execution.

  • Data Integration: We merge your EHR data with our system, enabling seamless data transfer.
  • Data Analysis: Our advanced analytics tools scrutinize the integrated data for actionable insights.
  • Strategic Implementation: These insights fuel our marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with the targeted patients.

The Reactivation Process: SMS, Email and Ads for Patient Engagement

Reaching out to patients through their preferred communication channels enhances the chances of reactivation. Levo Health uses an omnichannel approach, including SMS, email, and retargeting ads.

Personalized Messages

Using the insights gleaned from EHR data, we create personalized messages for each patient. These messages address specific health needs and serve as an effective reminder of the value and convenience of your services.

Automated Reminders

Consistent engagement is key to successful reactivation. We utilize automated SMS and email reminders to notify patients about upcoming appointments, preventive health check-ups, and important health tips. These reminders not only improve patient compliance but also foster a consistent connection between your practice and your patients.

Educational Content

We believe in the power of patient education. We routinely send relevant health-related information, updates about your practice, and new services or treatments that may be beneficial. This positions your practice as a trusted health resource and encourages patient engagement.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is an effective way to stay top-of-mind and encourage patients to revisit your services. Our retargeting strategies include:

  • Data-driven Targeting: We target patients who’ve previously engaged with your online platforms but have since become inactive.
  • Engaging Ad Content: We create compelling ads highlighting the benefits of re-engagement.
  • Omnichannel Presence: We retarget across multiple online platforms for maximum visibility.

Let’s Reactivate Together

Reactivate your patient relationships with Levo Health today. With a blend of data-driven strategies and healthcare marketing expertise, we’ll help you reestablish connections with your patients, improving health outcomes and growing your practice.

Don’t let inactive patients slip through the cracks. Contact Levo Health today, and together, we’ll bring your patients back to the care they need and deserve.


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