5 Ways a Healthcare Marketing Agency Can Help Your Medical Practice

In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, a healthcare marketing agency is essential to running a successful medical practice. Without a marketing agency, it is extremely difficult to attract new patients or even retain current patients. Fortunately, with a marketing agency tailored specifically towards the healthcare industry, your medical practice may be able to flourish. 

A healthcare marketing agency works exclusively with medical practices, clinical researchers, medical device companies and other healthcare-related organizations. That means that they are familiar with the medical jargon, pain points, and industry trends that can help your practice succeed.

Here are five reasons why your medical practice needs a healthcare marketing agency: 

1. Build Your Website

Having a website is the first step in establishing your practice as legitimate, professional, and trustworthy in the digital space. Studies indicate that over 70% of patients use online reviews to find a new doctor, meaning that a positive online presence is crucial to increasing your patient base. 

A healthcare marketing agency is able to build and optimize a website for your practice that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. With just seconds to pique a lead’s interest, your website must be unique and user-friendly. Utilizing a live chat function for those who want instant contact with customer service is an added bonus. A marketing agency can also correctly format your site so that it is accessible on mobile devices – something that is easily overlooked by DIY-website builders. 

Your website is the cog of your online presence, and everything else (ads, social media channels, grassroots campaigns) acts as a spoke, leading back to your website. That means that your website has to be captivating, acting as a funnel to achieve high conversions. 

2. Maintain Your Online Presence 

Once you have an optimized website for your practice, your next step is a consistent blog and an active social media presence. 

Consistent Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to boost SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the method of promoting your brand and increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website through search results. 

By providing relevant answers for patient’s questions, including backlinks, and using the right keywords, a regularly updated blog may bring a significant number of potential patients to your practice’s website. 

Social Media Presence

In this modern age, an active social media presence is crucial to connect with new and current patients. With over 4.4 billion users, social media is an essential tool that can be used to promote brand awareness, generate leads, humanize your practice, and engage with patients.

Marketing agencies are able to manage and produce content for a variety of social media platforms to increase your practice’s credibility and establish strong relationships with patients, which will stimulate patient referrals. 

3. Manage Your Marketing Budget

Marketing agencies employ skilled professionals who are experts in their specific fields, allowing you to focus on patient care rather than worrying about the budgeting and marketing components of your practice. The top healthcare marketers will be able to work within any budget, crafting specific strategies for your needs based on how much money you are willing to dedicate towards marketing your services.

Healthcare marketing agencies have the knowledge to understand how much to spend on advertising where you are most likely to reach your target audience. They will also have the time to dedicate to tracking spending across multiple campaigns and platforms, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TV.  

4. Gathers Necessary Data

Along with managing all your budget concerns, marketing agencies are able to run business analytics to demonstrate how successful their campaigns are. By obtaining necessary data, such as how many prospects become patients, percentage of click-throughs from the website, how long people spend on each web page, percentage of click rate on ads, and patient retention rate, your marketing agency is able to understand how successful their campaigns and promotions are. 

All of this information can then be provided to you in an understandable format, breaking down exactly where to further invest in advertisements or promotions or where to potentially cut back on spending. Acquiring and understanding such critical information will provide maximum growth for your practice. 

5. Prioritizes Patient Care

All of the services that a healthcare marketing agency offers increases your patient base and patient retention, while allowing physicians to prioritize exceptional patient care and improve their skills. With a noteworthy logo, accessible website, and engaging social media presence, patients will have a memorable patient experience from the moment they find your practice to when they return home from an appointment. 

Since physicians will not have to be concerned with the vastly complex process of marketing their practice, they can focus on what they do best: patient care. 

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For many medical practices, hiring a healthcare marketing agency can be the difference between continued success and stagnation. If you’ve ever needed to hire a marketing agency, you know that there are so many options out there, but not all marketing agencies provide equal services.

LEVO Health is a full-service healthcare marketing agency that works with physicians, medical practices, surgery centers, and hospitals all over the world. Through our services, we are able to increase brand awareness and build meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers. If you are interested in optimizing your medical practice and putting your patients first, contact us today and call (813) 235-0830.


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