5 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Practice

Competition amongst healthcare practices is at an all time high. If you’re a healthcare provider, you should be searching for innovative ways to attract new patients and gain an edge over your competitors. Though retention of patients is essential for a practice to succeed, acquiring new patients is equally as important for long-term growth. 

Your Practice Needs Social Media

Over 4.4 billion people use social media worldwide, making it a crucial part of connecting with your community. Being active on social media provides practices with the opportunity to not only connect with patients, but also to activate them. Social health is the digital way patients engage with each other and industry experts (you). 

Social media is more than a place to share photos of your dog and what you had for Taco Tuesday. It provides patients with the opportunity to connect with people who can validate and share in their experiences. Patients take to the internet, especially social media, to answer questions about their personal life. They also use social media to follow up with their community about medications, conditions and diagnoses after a medical appointment. 

By engaging in the social health space, you can be a part of these invaluable conversations. Better yet, your current patients can share on your behalf through testimonials, videos and quotes. Patients trust other patients and their own real-world experience. Their voice speaks volumes. 

Each social media platform is unique in its audience and its preferred content. Therefore, it is important to take the time to understand the benefits of each platform for your practice before you begin posting.  

A Blog Can Drive Website Visits

Starting a consistent blog on your practice’s website is essential for growth. Blogs with high-quality content and the right keywords can drive SEO (search engine optimization) and boost new website visitors. How? By getting your practice on the front page of your patient’s favorite search engines. 

When patients need to find care, they take to the internet and search their symptoms. If a patient searches “knee pain when bending,” a blog from your orthopedic practice could be amongst the first things they see. 

Blogs are also an essential way to engage with your audience, which leads to increased patient satisfaction. By providing relevant information about conditions or treatments, patients will be more knowledgeable about their diagnosis and be able to ask the right questions. 

Nurture Relationships With Your Current Patients

One of the best ways to attract new patients to your clinic is for you to nurture your relationships with your current patients. By enhancing these relationships, your patients are more likely to recommend your practice to other people. 

To improve your patient satisfaction, conduct surveys and ask your patients to leave reviews for your practice on your website. Also, engage in discussions on diagnosis, treatment, and communication with your patients either in-person or on social media to determine their happiness with your services. 

By consulting these responses from your patients, you can see what aspects of your practice that patients are happy with, and what needs to be improved upon. 

Optimize Your Website

In this modern age of technology, your website is your most useful tool for attracting new patients. One way you can efficiently utilize your website is to prominently display your contact information. Though advertising your phone number on your website is a quick way to get it in front of people, your website should also offer other methods of communication. By providing an online form submission, your practice will be accessible to patients 24/7.

Other ways to optimize your website are to: 

  • Conduct keyword research 
  • Analyze all of your website data 
  • Adapt your site to all devices
  • Produce valuable content 

Humanize your Practice 

Going to a doctor’s office can be intimidating and cause anxiety for some patients. One way to alleviate this nervousness and become more approachable as a practice is to humanize your clinic. 

One way to humanize your clinic is to include testimonials from patients on your website and social media accounts. Patient testimonials create an emotional appeal for your brand, and they build trust and credibility in your clinic. 

Another method to make your practice more approachable is to showcase your providers on your website. By providing your patients with a biography of their doctors, these authority figures shift into normal human beings. Not only does showcasing your doctors humanize your practice, but it also serves as an opportunity to share your values and distinguish your providers from others in the area. 

Contact LEVO Health to Attract New Patients

While you manage your medical practice, LEVO Health is here to run ads, write blogs, optimize your website, find patient testimonials, and more so that your practice can prosper. If you are interested in attracting new patients to your clinic, click here to contact us or call (813) 235-0830.


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