Why Should I Use a Healthcare-Specific Marketing Agency?

The healthcare industry changes fast, and healthcare marketing remains an integral component of sustainable growth. Digital marketing has become a vital channel for healthcare businesses in the ever-changing digital realm. According to a recent survey, 52 million U.S. adults have used the internet to obtain health or medical information. 

While countless marketing agencies exist, your practice needs a healthcare-specific marketing agency to help you reach your business marketing goals. Here’s why your practice needs the healthcare-marketing knowledge of an industry-specific agency:

Deep healthcare industry expertise

LEVO specializes in the healthcare industry, so you can count on us to have expertise in all channels of healthcare marketing, such as enhancing practice reputations, drawing in new patients, and amplifying the overall success of your practice. 

The healthcare marketers at LEVO posses the comprehensive knowledge and resources to keep your organization up to speed in a dynamic, digital environment. We understand the competitive marketing needed for small, privately-owned practices to large hospital systems. 

LEVO can provide relevant technical content for your narrow-scope niche, helping you reach your business’s marketing goals. We can also ensure that your healthcare practice’s voice is heard, which is paramount to your success. 

Whether you are interested in building your brand from scratch or are ready to run some marketing campaigns, you can count on LEVO Health to implement the most effective marketing strategies for your practice. With years of experience, LEVO Health has worked with physicians, medical practices, surgery centers, and hospitals all over the world to increase brand awareness and build more meaningful connections between the patient and healthcare provider. 

Understanding the patient journey

The best healthcare marketing agencies understand the patient journey. When developing an effective marketing strategy, you want to target the exact potential patient, but that requires a vast knowledge of what the patient’s journey looks like and what, where, and how your message is converting to a lead. 

By focusing solely on the healthcare industry, we have a unique advantage over other marketing companies with our Patient Experience Management (PXM) Program. This PXM program provides scalable solutions to help increase new patient conversions, decrease patient no-show rates, and provide an outlet for ongoing role-playing amongst the front office staff to overcome bad habits that may be negatively impacting the patient experience. 

You can read more about how to create the perfect patient experience through our blog here. 

Unmatched speed, efficiency, and consistency

Healthcare-specific marketing agencies know who they are working with from the start. This knowledge helps reduce the “training” time to bring them on and coach them in your industry. There is no need to start from the ground up when briefing us on your practice. We also understand the life of a provider, which is why they are flexible to work around a doctor’s busy schedule. 

Healthcare marketing agencies also know from experience and data which channels and services will deliver the best results for your practice. Here are some channels we offer:

Ease of communication

Agencies that understand the healthcare industry understand the lingo. You can spend less time trying to explain and teach the agency certain acronyms and communication nuances involved in the healthcare industry because they already know what you are talking about. 

Choosing a healthcare industry marketing agency for your healthcare marketing needs can help you target the right patients at the right time. At LEVO Health, we utilize a fully-integrated online and offline healthcare marketing platform used to create professional, informative, and engaging brand presence that positions our clients as industry leaders in their respective markets. 

To learn more about what we offer, please visit our website. Interested in hiring a professional marketing team to help grow your practice? Contact the healthcare marketing experts at LEVO Health today by calling 855-234-0232 or visiting our contact page online.


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