Quick Read – Tactic 5: Create Patient Testimonial Programs

In the previous post, tactic #4 showed you how to reach a large consumer audience with increased conversion rates by including patient seminars. This next tactic furthers that personalized patient experience with a patient testimonial program to solidify consumer confidence in your medical practice, your surgical expertise and your physicians.

Tactic #5: Develop an Active Patient Testimonial Program

For prospective patients, the decision to elect to have surgery can be difficult as there are a lot of unknowns. Hearing about the surgery and recovery experience first hand from previous patients can help ease any doubts they may have about the process. Patients love hearing from other patients, not marketing materials. The types of treatments and surgeries LEVO Health’s clients provide their patients are life changing. Incorporating these powerful patient testimonial experiences allows physicians to alleviate most concerns patients have when being given a diagnosis or treatment recommendation. 

Building out and effective patient testimonial program requires careful planning and insight. First, ensure that you have the proper legal media release forms on hand to authorize each patient testimonial for use in all marketing campaigns across multiple media channels. Next, build a system internally to elicit and capture positive patient experiences using video, photography and written testimonials. These patient experiences should be structured to capture the chronological steps before, during, and after surgery. Highlighting improvements in a patient’s quality of life are especially effective.

Incorporating positive patient testimonial stories in your marketing and throughout your facility using pictures, printed material, and video will help communicate to your prospective and current patients that positive patient outcomes are of utmost importance. 

Did you know?

Today’s healthcare consumers are more active in their making their healthcare decisions. A survey of approximately 4,500 respondents reported:

• 43% of respondents reported that Healthgrades is the most popular online healthcare provider review site

• 62% of respondents reported that they first review the physician’s’ online reviews before choosing to call for an appointment

• 26% of respondents reported that they are willing to go out-of-network because of healthcare reviews

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