Quick Read – Tactic 4: New Patient Seminars

Convert More Prospective Patients with New Patient Seminars

Tactic #3 ensured your consumers could easily access and view your content on any device, but this next tactic will give you the opportunity to reach a large number of potential patients on a more personal level, by running new patient seminars.

Tactic #4: Host Interactive Online New Patient Seminars

We all know how effective live patient seminars can be at converting large numbers of patients in one setting. However, these seminars can be costly to produce and, depending on patient afflictions, can be difficult for some to attend.

Live, online new patient seminars allow physicians to speak to large numbers of prospective patients from the convenience of their own home. This format allows patients to anonymously ask questions and interact with the physician to make more informed healthcare decisions and can help speed up the patient acquisition cycle.

Proper implementation of live, online new patient seminars requires careful planning to ensure the experience is seamless for both the patient and physician. Online seminar software should allow for easy registration and provide streaming HD video, user live chat, and anonymous, two-way communications to ensure a high quality user experience with limited distractions. All of the seminars we present are recorded in 4k video for later distribution to attendees. 

LEVO Health includes these type of seminars in most of our direct to patient marketing strategies due to the return on investment. Not only are these seminars effective, they’re also a lot of fun to manage for our clients. LEVO Health’s marketing team does a great job of creating engaging and interactive presentations that foster a healthy dialogue between the physicians and prospective patients.

Did you know?

New patient seminars are most typically attended by more engaged prospective patients and patient convert at higher rates than more traditional channels. A recent survey of surgical facilities indicates that the national conversion rates of seminar attendees to surgical consults averages between 15%-25%, with some markets realizing up to 48% conversion rates.

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