LEVO Health Wins Contract to Provide Medical Tourism Marketing for Commonwealth of Puerto Rico


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LEVO Health Wins Contract to Provide Medical Tourism Marketing for Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

LEVO Health is contracted to provide direct to patient marketing for Puerto Rico’s Medical Tourism Corporation and Star Healthcare of Puerto Rico.

TAMPA Fla. (September 13, 2016) As part of a recently awarded contract, LEVO Health will be providing a range of marketing services to generate high quality medical tourism leads for 13 hospitals, five dental clinics and six centers for specific branches of medicine, as part of the Puerto Rican government’s push to highlight the US Commonwealth as a prime destination for domestic medical treatments.

Located at the gateway of the Caribbean, the island of Puerto Rico is home to world class hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories and other healthcare related services. A majority of doctors in the Puerto Rico area are US board certified medical and dental professionals. All hospitals participating in this program are Joint Commission certified and are held to the same US healthcare regulatory standards as their mainland counterparts.

“This is a huge opportunity for LEVO Health as we roll out healthcare marketing initiatives for an island of that size,” said Fergus Linskey CEO of LEVO Health. “This gives LEVO Health the ability to work with the Puerto Rican organizations to improve digital healthcare marketing for multiple medical facilities in the area.”

Medical tourists travel to Puerto Rico to fulfill their healthcare needs because they are looking for affordable, high quality options especially for elective procedures or procedures not fully covered by health insurance. In addition, patients and employers with privately funded healthcare plans are discovering the convenience, quality and cost saving benefits of choosing Puerto Rico for their medical care. Typically, patients can expect to save 40-60 percent off prices of their mainland US counterparts.

Unlike most medical tourism destinations, travel to and from Puerto Rico does not require a passport or visa for American citizens and there are many affordable flight options available from major US airports.

“We’re excited to help rebrand the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as the “Healthcare Island”, said David M. Williams Chief Strategy Officer of LEVO Health. It’s close proximity to the mainland United States coupled with the same rigorous US healthcare regulatory standards makes it an attractive destination for patients looking for healthcare pricing transparency and cost savings.”

For more information on Puerto Rican medical tourism opportunities, visit: starhealthcarepuertorico.com


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