Quick Read – Tactic 3: Healthcare Web Design for All Devices

In tactic #2 you appropriately structured your content to be utilized by multiple media platforms, and now you must address how easily your content can be viewed on multiple devices.

Tactic #3: Develop Your Healthcare Website with the End User’s Device in Mind

It’s important that your healthcare website provide users with relevant content that can be accessed easily across their mobile, phablet, tablet, PCs and television devices. Designing your healthcare website within a responsive framework that uses the latest coding will quickly restructure your website’s content for easy viewing across multiple devices.

This is where responsive design is useful. Responsive design can also be referred to as fluid design due to its adaptive nature. When visited from a particular device, the appropriate design layout is shown accordingly. Responsive design generally more expensive and time consuming to develop than other design options.

The type of the content is also important, when designing for all devices. Positioning calls to action and valuable contact information in conversion friendly areas for each device layout will also help patients make more informed healthcare decisions and boost online conversion rates. 

Did you know?

A recent survey found that over 77% of healthcare consumers begin their searches online. In 2014, more people owned and use smart phones and tablets than PCs.

  • 55% of American adults own smartphones
  • 42% of American adults own tablets
  • 50% of American mobile phone users report mobile as their primary Internet source

For further reading visit http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/

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