Quick Read – Tactic 1: Structure Healthcare Marketing Content to Ensure You’re a Part of the Conversation

Today’s healthcare consumer is exposed to over 6,000 branding impressions per day. Targeting these consumers across multiple media platforms with a message that resonates and compels them to act has never been more difficult. To help you overhaul your direct-to-patient marketing campaigns, LEVO Health has identified the seven best-in-class marketing tactics to educate, nurture, and convert the right patients for your healthcare organization in a more efficient way.

With healthcare consumers being exposed to such a vast number of branding impressions, it is easy for your message to get buried under the rest. So how can you ensure that your content effectively reaches consumers and that your voice is heard? We have compiled a number of tools you can use to make sure you are always part of the conversation. Welcome to part one.

Tactic #1: Structure Healthcare Marketing Content to Ensure You’re a Part of the Conversation

A content strategy that leverages both Proactive and Reactive Content will position your unique offering amongst the most popular conversations of the day.

Proactive Content Proactive content focuses on national observances, holidays and seasonality to ensure your message gets heard when conversations about these events and periods are trending high. Proactive content can be planned out in advance for the entire year and relevant articles, blog posts, photos, and infographics should be developed to link your offering with these recurring events.

Reactive Content

Reactive content requires your staff to be expedient in the detection, development and dissemination of topics that relate to timely news stories, legislative actions, celebrity gossip or medical breakthroughs that relate to your healthcare organization. Incorporating trending keywords and #hashtags associated with these topics will ensure your content gets more impressions and interactions on social media.

Did you know?

A recent study by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found:

• 46% of respondents reported that information found online led them to think they had symptoms that warranted needing to seek the attention of a medical professional

• 41% of respondents reported that a medical professional confirmed their online diagnosis

• Women are more likely than men to consume medical content found online

• Other populations more likely to consume medical content online are young people, white adults with household incomes of $75,000 or more, and people with college degree or advanced degrees

For further reading visit http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/health-fact-sheet/

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