The Case for Integrating Live Patient Webinars into Your Marketing Strategy

The digital age allows us to consume more information than ever right at our fingertips. Similar to what social media channels and smartphones have done for the individual when it comes to staying up to date and voicing their opinions, webinars offer several benefits in the digital marketing world.

Webinars are services that allow real-time, multicast video conferencing, or presentations. These sessions can be used to share knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world. Live patient webinars can also be leveraged to build and nurture relationships, build authority around a brand, or demonstrate a product or service.

Why live patient webinars?

Utilizing live patient webinars can be very rewarding for any organization. If you have been considering integrating this modern communication platform into your healthcare practice’s marketing strategy, read on to learn how a webinar can help you.

Position yourself as an expert 

Webinars position you as an expert in your field and allow you to deliver value to your audience. When you host a live patient webinar, your audience is tuning in to hear what you have to say as a thought leader.  

When hosting a webinar around a specific topic, whether it’s related to a specific surgical procedure or new training platform, the presenter is on a virtual pedestal. The audience trusts that you’re delivering valuable, unique, and interesting information, which builds trust in your practice.

Present your newest service or product

Do you have a new service or product you just launched on your website that not many people know about? Host a webinar to allow your audience to learn more! Product and service webinars are a chance for you to get your leads and your patients in one place. Not only can you educate registrants on the latest information about your product or service, but you are also there to answer their questions right away. 

Build your content library 

Content marketing is important because it helps to improve conversions by allowing you to connect with and educate your leads and customers. In today’s age, customers expect high-quality, consistent content from brands they follow. While having infographics on your social media platforms is great, adding webinars can expand your content library. 

We consume content every single day, whether it’s from the television or through our mobile devices. Hosting a webinar can provide your audience with a unique experience and treat old content to a facelift by giving them something to interact with. 

Drive engagement

This is one of the most exciting benefits of webinars — they’re an engaging experience. Unlike social media marketing, which is valuable in its own way, live webinars promise a value above traditional marketing tactics. Webinars offer interactive services, such as Q&A sessions, chat rooms, live polls, immediate audience feedback options, and more, that allow attendees to easily communicate with you. 

Expand your audience globally

The beauty of webinars is that you can reach almost anyone in the world that has an internet connection without having to leave your chair. You can also speak directly to a wider audience from wherever you are and build recognition for your practice.

Creating value during COVID-19

COVID-19 has pushed most consumers’ digital acuity forward by a decade. Digital sales are becoming more active than a holiday period as retailers and shoppers alike pivot to a digital-only reality. For healthcare, telemedicine is here to stay as patients fully embrace the virtual era. According to Medical Economics, 83% of patients expect to use telemedicine after the pandemic resolves. 

As conferences and events have been postponed or canceled due to new safety guidelines, many marketers were forced to change strategies overnight and identify new ways to reach their target audience. Fortunately, webinars have presented a new tactical opportunity for most in light of the crisis. 

Both B2B companies and direct-to-consumer groups are using webinars to fill the void of not having in-person conferences. Webinars have provided significant value to consumers during COVID-19 because they give organizations a way to keep professional engagements going and socially distance at the same time. 

Why LEVO Health?

LEVO Health specializes in lead-generating webinars that will generate more appointments and reach more patients and clients. Let us design, build, and host a high-converting webinar that will generate a steady stream of new leads into your practice. Contact the healthcare marketing experts at LEVO Health today by visiting our contact page online.


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